OTC Pharmaceutical & Nutritional Products

a Division of Benard Industries,Inc.

Our mission is to improve and preserve the health and welfare of people with safe, innovative and, beneficial products
while also allowing development opportunities to our employees, and delivering a positive impact to the community.

    Neurobion Immune Support

    An exclusive formula containing important vitamins, minerals, and Echinacea. This product was developed around ingredients which have been proven to support …

    Gastroelixir Bonavera

    A blend of ingredients traditionally used as household remedies, effective in promoting better digestion and as a stomach soothing supplement.

    Neurobion B-12 Shots

    An exclusive blend of B-complex Vitamins with 3,000 mcg of Metilcobalamin which aids in energy metabolism. In addition, each shot contains L-Carnitine w…

    Neurobion Kids

    A delicious liquid blend of multivitamins to support children’s growth and development, which also contains one of Nature's best gifts, Royal Jelly whi…